About Us

From Family Business to Investment Firm

In the beginning, Heritage started as an owner and manager of residential garden apartments in New Jersey. By the 1980’s, the firm owned more than 7,000 residential apartments, and was one of the leading owners of residential real estate in the State. With its success firmly rooted in the residential market, Heritage capitalized on growing opportunities in the commercial real estate market throughout the US. The firm embarked on investments in a diversity of commercial properties types, growing rapidly over the next two decades as an investor in office, industrial and retail properties totaling more than 6 million sq. ft. in more than 20 states in the US.

The family business transformed into a solid, progressive company comprised of in-house, leasing, property management, construction, asset management, capital markets and acquisition specialists. Founded by the latest generation of Greenberg family members, Jeffrey and Steven Greenberg, Heritage Capital Group, LLC focuses on acquiring properties, serving as the investment arm of the larger, overall real estate organization, Heritage Management Company.

Heritage Capital specializes in identifying, acquiring opportunistic assets in primary, secondary and tertiary markets and repositioning properties, resulting in significant enhanced values and ROI for investors. Heritage Management Company focuses on servicing the assets of the firm, providing leasing, management, construction and other real estate services for tenants and clients.

Returning to Its Roots

Even through its extraordinary growth, Heritage has stayed true to its commitment to identify new opportunities and stay ahead of market and demand shifts in order to maximize ROI for its investors and partners. Recently, the commercial real estate market has become the victim of anemic office-employment growth and flexible and mobile workplace solutions, causing tenants to compress their leasing and square footage requirements and drive down rental pricing. This combination has produced less attractive investment returns and value enhancements in the commercial market. Based on this, Heritage has expanded its investment strategy.

In addition to seeking lucrative commercial real estate opportunities, Heritage is also focusing on the market where it all started for the company decades ago. In 2010, Heritage realized an opportunity to return to its roots and capitalize on the residential market once again, by investing in the multi-housing, student and workforce housing product classes in the growing Mid-Atlantic Markets of the US. 

Seeking Investment Partners

With businesses involved in research and development clustering around various “college towns” and metro markets and college enrollment on the rise, as well as other areas experiencing strong demographic growth, demand has risen for all types of residential product – from apartment complexes to student housing. With the anticipated growth in these markets to remain constant in the next 3 to 7 years, residential demand for an ever-growing population is expected to provide superior investment returns in comparison to other real estate asset classes.

Recently, Heritage Capital LLC acquired more than 960 multi-family units with joint venture partner Lubert Adler in Raleigh, NC. The firm is currently engaged in closing on various other similar opportunities and seeking to invest with co-investors and joint venture partners. Heritage continues to identify other such market opportunities and is interested in working with investors seeking superior investment returns.


  • Jeffrey Greenberg
    Oversees all disciplines involved in the acquisition, financing and leasing of Heritage’s properties.
  • Steven Greenberg
    Supervises every aspect of leasing, construction & property management for Heritage’s holdings.